South Atlantic facilities to become first in U.S. to use new Rensair air filtration system

South Atlantic facilities to become first in U.S. to use new air filtration system

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina)- South Atlantic Health Care announced that they will be installing Rensair portable air scrubbers in their facilities in South Carolina, according to a release from the healthcare company.

The release says that South Atlantic will be the first healthcare facility in the nation to use this filter system which destroys 99.97% of airborn pathogens, including those responsible for the spread of COVID-19.

South Atlantic says the implementation of this new system will be key to resuming in-person visits at their facilities.

Rensair is already in use in the United Kingdom and Scandanavia.

South Atlantic's Director of Operations Amy Cajka expressed her thoughts in the release.

"Our patients and their loved ones are eager to resume visitation and adding the Rensair units to our common spaces, rehab/exercise rooms and visiting areas increase the effectiveness of our ongoing infection management procedures. Our goal of adding comfort and peace of mind for our patients, staff and visitors demands going the extra mile to prepare for visitors from the outside community."

The inventor of the Rensair Henrick Henriksen shared his thoughts on South Atlantic's use of his filtration system.

“I cannot think of a better use for this hospital grade unit than to aid in the safety and comfort of America’s Greatest Generation when visiting loved ones in a long-term care setting.”

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